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By Owámniyomni Okhódayapi | June 22, 2023

We want to wish a Happy Pride Month to all of our LGBTQAI+ and two-spirited relatives. We encourage you all to take some time to learn more about the history of queerness in indigenous communities and have included links to additional resources below.

In this article the Human Rights Campaign shares research on the roles two spirited and LGBTQIA+ peoples held in Indigenous societies prior to colonization.

Featured in Smithsonian Magazine, this article acknowledges and celebrates two-spirited artists, activists, and storytellers.
The Library of Congress has accumulated research into LGBTQIA+ peoples within Indigenous communities. There are links to various articles, reports books, and more.
This article from NBC News shares prominent Indigenous leaders in various fields who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community such as Sharice Davids, Lady Shug, Scott Wabano and more.

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