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Community Conversation #2
Relationships with the River: Water is Life

View meeting recordings, chat transcripts, and notes from the second Community Conversation, held both in-person and virtually on March 16, 2022.

Graphic Recording by Studio Thalo, March 2022.

Board 1
This is Dakota Land

Board 2
Emerging Themes

Board 3
Water is Life

Board 4
A Place of Connection

Board 5
A Powerful Place

Board 6
What We Heard

Board 7
A Place to Restore a Story Disrupted

Board 8
This Place Today: Water

Board 9
This Place Today: Water

Board 10
This Place Today: Ecology

Board 11
This Place Today: Structures

Board 12
This Place Today: Access

Board 13
This Place Today: Topography

Board 14
This Place Today: Scale