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Immersive Exhibit

A Story Disrupted: Indigenous Perspectives

Immersive Exhibit On View Beginning February 2022

What is an immersive exhibit?

The immersive exhibit is a digital experience that simulates the real world. You can join from your home computer, and no prior experience using immersive technology is necessary.

In the exhibit, you will enter a simulated museum space and use your keyboard and mouse to navigate and explore. You can even converse with other participants. You will be prompted to choose an avatar, which is a character that will represent you while in the space.

How do I navigate or move through the exhibit?

Keep your left hand on the W, A, S, and D keys. Use them to move forward, backward, left or right.

Keep your right hand on the mouse. Move your mouse to change the direction you are facing.

How do I communicate in the exhibit?

When you enter the exhibit, you will be prompted to allow microphone access. Then, make sure that the microphone is turned ‘on’ in the top righthand corner of the screen. Approach someone, as you would in a real space, and begin to talk.

To chat with everyone in the exhibit, click the ‘chat’ button in the top righthand corner of the screen and enter your comment. Please be courteous; inappropriate language and discourse will not be tolerated.

What if I have issues accessing or navigating the exhibit?

Enter the exhibit using Chrome internet browser from a desktop computer.

You will experience connection or audio issues if you are using Safari internet browser or a mobile phone.
You can watch an orientation video and contact us with further questions.

Join a Guided Tour!

Join project leaders on guided tours of The Falls Initiative Immersive Exhibit. Meet your host on Zoom to gather as a group and troubleshoot any connection issues. Then you’ll make your way into the gallery using the ‘Enter the Exhibit’ link below.

Additional guided tour dates to be announced.

Click here to meet your host on Zoom.


Watch February 15 Community Conversation

Catch a glimpse of Community Conversation #1 in the Immersive Exhibit, or watch the full session below.